New Option dialog box enhancement in Visual studio 2010

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By  Kirti.M.Darji   On  06 Aug 2011 13:08:28
Tag : ASP.NET , ASP.NET 4.0 Forms
New Option dialog box enhancement in Visual studio 2010
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I was working on start up page for visual studio 2010 at that time I have been notice one enhancement done in visual studio 2010 IDE with tool--> options dialog box.when we open option dialog box  there is new Show all settings checkbox is show. It is for display all setting or not by default this checkbox is not checked so it is shown with minimum options so it is load fast.see below figure


after check Show all settings checkbox it load all setting  see below figure


This information will add +1 in new visual studio 2010 IDE enhancement. Thanks for reading.
Kirti Darji

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