How to convert a Number to words

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By  Kirti.M.Darji   On  13 Oct 2011 12:10:03
Tag : ASP.NET , General
This article I am going to discuss function which convert numeric value to word for that we create one web page which return convert number to word.
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This article I am going to discuss function which convert numeric value to word  for that we create one web page which return convert number to word.
To achieve this I  create one simple webpage which have one textbox and one button when click on button number is converted to text and display in label see below image.

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I have create on class which convert given number to text

static class NumberToWord
private static string[] _ones =
private static string[] _teens =
private static string[] _tens =
// US Nnumbering:
private static string[] _thousands =
/// <summary>
/// Converts a numeric value to words suitable for the portion of
/// a check that writes out the amount.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="value">Value to be converted
/// <returns></returns>
public static string Convert(decimal value)
string digits, temp;
bool showThousands = false;
bool allZeros = true;
StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();
// Convert integer portion of value to string
digits = ((long)value).ToString();
// Traverse characters in reverse order
for (int i = digits.Length - 1; i >= 0; i--)
int ndigit = (int)(digits[i] - '0');
int column = (digits.Length - (i + 1));
// Determine if ones, tens, or hundreds column
switch (column % 3)
case 0:        // Ones position
showThousands = true;
if (i == 0)
// First digit in number (last in loop)
temp = String.Format("{0} ", _ones[ndigit]);
else if (digits[i - 1] == '1')
// This digit is part of "teen" value
temp = String.Format("{0} ", _teens[ndigit]);
// Skip tens position
else if (ndigit != 0)
// Any non-zero digit
temp = String.Format("{0} ", _ones[ndigit]);
// This digit is zero. If digit in tens and hundreds
// column are also zero, don't show "thousands"
temp = String.Empty;
// Test for non-zero digit in this grouping
if (digits[i - 1] != '0' || (i > 1 && digits[i - 2] != '0'))
showThousands = true;
showThousands = false;
// Show "thousands" if non-zero in grouping
if (showThousands)
if (column > 0)
temp = String.Format("{0}{1}{2}",
_thousands[column / 3],
//allZeros ? " " : ", ");
allZeros ? " " : " ");
// Indicate non-zero digit encountered
allZeros = false;
builder.Insert(0, temp);
case 1:        // Tens column
if (ndigit > 0)
temp = String.Format("{0}{1}",
(digits[i + 1] != '0') ? "-" : " ");
builder.Insert(0, temp);
case 2:        // Hundreds column
if (ndigit > 0)
temp = String.Format("{0} hundred ", _ones[ndigit]);
builder.Insert(0, temp);
// Append fractional portion/cents
builder.AppendFormat(" DOLLARS and {0:00} / 100", (value - (long)value) * 100);
// Capitalize first letter
return String.Format("{0}{1}",
builder.ToString(1, builder.Length - 1));

I made following code on button click event

protected void btnconvert_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
decimal number;
if(!string.IsNullOrEmpty(txtnumber.Text)&& decimal.TryParse(txtnumber.Text.Trim(),out number))

it covert given number to word. This may be useful for you. Stay turned for more.
Thanks for reading. Happy coding!!



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