How to create Editable Cell in DataGrid in Windows Mobile

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By  RRaveen   On  25 Apr 2011 05:04:15
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In this code snippet, i will show how to create Editable Cell in DataGrid in Windows Mobile.
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In one of my project, i want to edit cell in DataGrid in .NET Compact Framework.The .NET CF is did not built features to editable cell in datagrid.So i would like to implement this features with MSDN help.


The implementation is very simple, Firstlly we have to add a textbox into form and rename "txtEPQTY" and then make it visible false and then place DataGrid Control in form add few columns as well.

Now when user focus the cell in datagrid, i'm going to replace by textbox and make it visible to enter the value and then when fouse lost assign value to Cell and make textbox is visible false.


DataGridCell editCell;
        bool isEditPQTY = false;
        bool isUpdateCurrentCell = false;

        private void grdItems_CurrentCellChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
                if (!isUpdateCurrentCell)
                    if (isEditPQTY && !grdItems.CurrentCell.Equals(editCell))
                        isUpdateCurrentCell = true;
                        grdItems.Visible = false;
                        DataGridCell currentCell = grdItems.CurrentCell;
                        grdItems[editCell.RowNumber, editCell.ColumnNumber] = txtEPQTY.Text;
                        grdItems.CurrentCell = currentCell;
                        grdItems.Visible = true;
                        isUpdateCurrentCell = false;
                        txtEPQTY.Visible = false;
                        isEditPQTY = false;

                    editCell = grdItems.CurrentCell;
                    txtEPQTY.Text = grdItems[editCell.RowNumber, editCell.ColumnNumber].ToString();
                    Rectangle cellPos = grdItems.GetCellBounds(editCell.RowNumber, editCell.ColumnNumber);
                    txtEPQTY.Left = cellPos.Left - 1;
                    txtEPQTY.Top = cellPos.Top + grdItems.Top - 1;
                    txtEPQTY.Width = cellPos.Width + 2;
                    txtEPQTY.Height = cellPos.Height + 2;
                    txtEPQTY.Visible = true;
                    isEditPQTY = true;

That's all, just copy and paste this code and run it.

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By:KarthikDate Of Posted:7/9/2014 6:21:52 AM
Thanks for your code. Your code very much helpful for my project
By:smartDate Of Posted:7/23/2012 11:58:28 AM
thnx man
thnx for ur code, i hope to find more about datagrid in wnindow CE , ....... ^_^
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