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Free Softwares and Resources from Microsoft - By Web master
Seems like the time to collect all the free stuff available from Microsoft and share this with the community (who still believes that we’re greedy corp only :)) Please download from following location Download now
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  • Image in the textbox in place of text like as watermark - By Bharat


    How we can set  image in the textbox in place of text like as watermark textbox in

    How it can be possible...

  • Problem REgarding Treeview Binding - By Bharat

    hello there.
    i would to like to know about how can i bind the TreeView with multiple tables
    i have a table

    Class -- fields are [id,class]
    Term --

  • share desktop in - By yogendrakmishra

    Anyone have any idea about show the desktop(share desktop) to other person on

  • convert any type of video in .flv - By Bharat

    how we can convert any type of video in .flv in

  • SilverLight - WCF - NHibarnate - By Lakshmi

    Hi sir

    Any bady help me

    I am doing a project  using WCF - Silverlight and NHiberNate

    any bady provide help to me abount

    Project Title is : Employee Payroll s

  • How we hide the querystring value from the url ..? - By Bharat

    i want to know how to hide the values in query string in
    here i want to send the values from one page to another page through query
    string with out explicitly visi

  • Sum function in inner join - By Bharat

    I'm using this sql query
    select tbTopics.topic, sum(tbStudentMCQRecord.result_avg) as total_avg from tbStudentMCQRecord
    inner join tbTopics on tbStudentMCQRecor

  • Reports problem - By yogendrakmishra


    i am using report service and i am facing one problem.

    In explorer page width dropdown and search textbox, but in firefox its not showing.

    and also the design is not pr

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