The extended version of string spilt method in C#

Posted By  pranay rana On 29 Jul 2011 10:07:47
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In this tips,I am going to discuss about two important thing about Split function of String class. Split function of the string class split the string in array of string.

Note:Split function has more no of overload method but the below two I found useful. You may found other overloads helpful in your code.

Split function to split string in array

String.Split( char[])


string words = "stringa,stringb, ,stringc,stringd stringe.";
string [] split = words.Split(new Char [] {' ', ','}); 

Above code create a string array which has


but What If I want to remove empty string from the array when I split string.
Solution to this problem is to make use of second overload method of the the string Split where you can specify the option to remove string. So above code is rewritten as

Overload method with option
String.Split(Char[], StringSplitOptions)

string words = "stringa,stringb, ,stringc,stringd stringe.";
string [] split = words.Split(new Char [] {' ', ','},StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries); 

Created string array is


Now consider case where I have to limit no of return string. Consider for example

string a = "key:mykey, Value : test1,test2";

Now I have to get the key:mykey in string 1 and Value : test1,test2 in string 2.
Overload function to split string in limited no. of string
Split(Char[], Int32)
So the code for this is

string a = "key:mykey, Value : test1,test2";
string [] split = words.Split(new Char [] {','},2);

Now the split array have

split[0]= "key:mykey";
split[1]= "Value : test1,test2";


There are also other variable of Split method which you can refer form the msdn link :String.Split. But I fond above two more useful than others.

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