How to configure Reporting Services 2008 in SharePoint 2010

Posted By  Mostafa Elzoghbi On 06 Jul 2010 09:07:00
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i will show how to configure SQL Reporting services in SharePoint 2010.

If you have a SharePoint 2010 site and you navigate to site settings and try to click on "Managed Services Schedule" you will get this error:Unsupported Reporting Services Functionality

This is because your SharePoint configuration is not configured with Reporting services server.

To fix that, follow below steps:

1) Login to the Reporting Services server and make sure that the service is up and running, and double check that the reporting server is working:

a) Open SQL Reporting configuration manager
b) Select Report Manager Url.
c) click on the url to make sure it is working.
For example: http://SERVERNAME/Reports/

2) Open SharePoint Central administration:

a) Select General Application Settings.
b) Select Reporting Services Integration.
c) Set the report server url.
d) Select authentication mode, Windows if the reports show personalized data.
OR select the trusted account that will be used for impersonation.
e) Click on Ok, You will get a successful page.
f) You might get the following error:
"Failed to establish connection with report server. Verify the server URL is correct or review ULS logs for more information. Product area: SQL Server Reporting Services, Category: Configuration Pages"

This means that the SSRS is not configured to run with SharePoint Integrated Mode, to change it,read below article "Overview of Configuration Steps on a Report Server":

3) Go to your sharepoint site settings and enable Report Integration feature on site collection features.

4) Go to your site and add reporting services webpart in your page and configure it to your report.

Note: It is recommended to have a library that has all your reports in one place and all SQL Reporting services webparts are connecting to this library.


You should have SP1 CU7 to get RS 2008 to work with SP 2010.


Happy SharePointing....


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